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What members say about us:
Linking Expert
Alan Twigg,
Zetel, Germany
"I had been looking for a reliable, easy-to-use tool for researching dropping domains. I tried out other tools, but couldn't find one that would work for me. I was amazed by just how much RegisterCompass could do. Not only that, I always received quick responses to my questions.

I have since used RegisterCompass to uncover a large number of great domains, many of which now have PR6 and great search-engine rankings. I honestly would have paid twice as much for a tool as powerful as this."
Copywriting Expert
Mike Seiler,
Copywriting Expert
Boulder, Colorado
"This is really neat with just a few mouse clicks, in just a few minutes;
I found 5 domains that looked like they should have immediate visitors. So I got them and as soon as I put up a site the visitors started to flood in. Not only that, the major search engine spiders came around in a couple of days.

This is a real SEO dream!"
Kenneth Palmer,
Qube Digital Ltd
"This is fantastic - After trying most of the other expired/expiring domain websites, your service is far far superior. Thanks!"
SEO Expert - Marco Wutzer
Marco Wutzer,
Asuncion, Paraguay
"RegisterCompass is simply the most effective tool out there for finding extremely valuable domains. And the best thing is: It takes me only 10 minutes a day!
Rachel McCaleb,
Domains Admin, Lafayette
"I was using another domain research tool, but one day it stopped working.
Worse yet, they kept charging my credit card a monthly fee, even though I wasn't finding any juicy domains any more.
I'm really glad I found Register Compass because now I'm back on track with finding money-making domains.

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