TDNAM – GoDaddy Domains Aftermarket

How can I make money on Godaddy closeouts?

Some time back, GoDaddy began offering a great auction and domain trading platform for their exclusive domain names.

This domain name aftermarket is called TDNAM.

Insider Tip: Understanding the various auction types and the GoDaddy fire sale market will help you find underpriced domains.

Backordered Domains:

If you have a domain name you want but you learn that it’s currently already registered with someone else, you can place a backorder on that name. Once it becomes available, it’s yours. If someone places a backorder on an expiring domain name at Godaddy and they secure that domain for them, it will end up in a public auction in the TDNAM . An initial starting bid of $10 is then placed on that domain and buyers have the opportunity to purchase it.

Keep in mind those domains with higher traffic statistics will normally begin at a much higher initial bid.

Once the domain has been placed in the TDNAM aftermarket it is shown at the public auction site. Everyone has the opportunity to see the domain someone has expressed interest in and that domain is no longer a secret.

Each time a new bid is made, the auction is extended by 2 minutes until the final and highest bid is reached. If you have placed a backorder on a domain name, you may soon lose it to another bidder who is willing to pay more for that domain.

We Can we Help You Use TDNAM To Make Money!

This is how RegisterCompass can help you:

We offer you hourly imported and updated TDNAM domains We analyze virtually every domain name (there are currently 3,028,466) listed in GoDaddy"s aftermarket TDNAM We service and gather valuable information for you such as:

  • 501,924 Domains have incoming links in Search Engines
  • 23,871 Domains with Traffic
  • 40,567 Domains have an Alexa Rank
  • 22,379 LLL Domains

Our easy and flexible search metrics allow you to filter those massive domain lists to suit your own needs.

This is a must-have system for all those searching through the massive numbers of domains at GoDaddy"s TDNAM aftermarket.

Here Is How We Can Help

There are three types of domains that are available through TDNAM which are currently being monitored through RegisterCompass:

  • Backorderd Domains moved in to TDNAM
  • Normal Domain Auctions
  • TDNAM Firesale closeout

Backordered Domains Moved Into TDNAM:

As explained above, Register Compass does not recommend using the GoDaddy backordering process. Normal Domain Auctions:

Of course GoDaddy also offers a domain name aftermarket for owners to sell their domains in typical public auctions. It’s free to add a basic domain listing and you are only required to pay for any additional features that you may choose such as having your listing featured on the homepage.

There are four different types of normal online auctions that are currently available:

  • Offer/Counter Offer
  • Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now
  • Buy Now Only
  • 7-day Public Auction

Offer/Counter Offer:

An offer/counter offer auction is simply when the domain sells after the buyer and seller come to an agreed upon offer. If you offer a price for the domain and the seller accepts, then you win that domain. The seller also has the opportunity to counter-offer or try to get you to raise your offer price. Keep in mind that sellers are not required to accept offers. They can counter-offer as high as they want and do not have to sell the domain until a price is reached that they agree with.

Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now:

This is basically the same as the above mentioned auction type with one exception. The buyer has an additional option to use a buy-it-now feature and purchase the domain for the offered price. It is also possible with this option to make an individual offer to the seller. If the seller accepts your offer then you have won the auction.

Buy Now Only:

In a Buy Now Only auction the domain must sell for a specific price. The seller sets the price that he/she is willing to accept. Nothing less than this listed price or above this price will be accepted.

7-day Public Auction:

A 7-Day Public Auction contains two different subtypes:

With Reverse Price

much like a traditional auction but with an acceptable minimum price. The reserve price must be met to sell the domain name. Bidders will have the ability to see whether or not the reserve price has been met but will not actually be able to see the price. Once the reserve price is met the auction will end in the allotted time and the highest bidder will win. If the reserve price is not met then the domain will not be sold.

Without Reserve Price

this is simply a traditional auction with a reserve minimum. An initial minimum bid will be set by the seller and bidding will continue throughout the allotted time period. Once the time for the auction is over the highest bidder wins. No reserve must be met in order for the domain to be sold.

TDNAM Firesale closeout:

GoDaddy offers a closeout section that contains domains that will soon be expiring. These domains can be purchased exclusively through TDNAM before they actually expire. All these domains are listed as “Buy It Now” and cost $5 each. You will also get a discount if you purchase more than 10 domains at one time.

This is the place for you to find those diamonds in the rough for virtually nothing. It is definitely worth your time to check out GoDaddy’s Closeout section.


Because you could find and purchase very valuable domains for only $5 each and even less than that if you purchase 10 or more at once. You will never find a cheaper and safer way to benefit from domain purchases!


What are you waiting for?? If you wait someone else will simply come along and take all those domains that you have been searching for. Get in now before all the good ones are gone. Don’t let someone else profit from the domain you want.

All you have to do is to sign up at RegisterCompass and find TDNAM listed bargains.

Note: Participating in GoDaddy’s aftermarket TDNAM requires a membership in the program. This membership costs just $4.99 each year.

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