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Domain Toolbox
Powerful Domain Tools for Successful Domainers

RegisterCompass provides you a nice and handy set of tools and resources that you need to find the domain name that you want.

This gives you as RegisterCompass member an advantage over other domaining services simply because you will have the ability to find those domains that are highly valuable and get them before someone else does.
We offer you the following add-ons to help you in your quest for the perfect domains:

Mark / Unmark Domains
You can mark / unmark each domain in Registercompass. This helps you to save time because you don't take a look on one domain twice.
Domains can be marked / unmarked domains individually or in bulk for complete result pages.

To make the domain search process even quicker you can easily hide all marked domains in your results.

Personal Domain Notes
Add a note to each domain name in RegisterCompass.
This could be anything you want. You can also view just those domains where you added personal note. If an expiring domain becomes available and moved to expired domains area it will still keep your note.
Personal Domain Note

Domain Availability Check Single / Bulk
We check the availability for each and every expired domain name 24/7.
We are constantly looking for the perfect domain for you. Although please keep in mind that it may take up to a few days to update our database of 2,525,143 expired domains.

To handle this issue please bulk check your domain results with just one click and you will have the opportunity to view Real Time information on whether or not a domain is currently registered. You can use this feature for bulk domains or just a single domain.
Bulk Domain Availability Check

Traffic Compare
For domains that have a high traffic volume you have the ability to view statistical visitor information with just one mouse click.
You can look at the trends from the previous months and see exactly how many visitors a specific domain had. Please note that we do use a third party tool to provide you with the latest updated traffic trends for these domains.
Domain traffic compare

Update all values of a domain
We also gather all the information you may need when we import a domain into our database. This information may sometimes be days up to a couple weeks old. However you can easily update any domains that you are interested in with just one click and get the actual updated data about that domain. Domains that are currently listed in our update queue will be highlighted in red and it only takes 30 seconds to update all the current values for any specific domain name.
Domain value update

Thumbnails / Screenshot Histrory
Domains that have a previous traffic history typically will have a queued thumbnail that you can see. This will allow you to view the site and see how the site was set up before. This thumbnail will give you an idea of the professionalism or lack of professionalism that a domain might have presented. Please note that we use a third party tool to provide you with thumbnail views of domains.
Thumbnail Viewer

Whois Information
We also allow you the opportunity to see the Whois information for each domain. In some cases this data may be privacy protected. If this is the case then there will be no information shown.
Whois Query

Now - It's up to you to decide what to do next. You could sit back and ponder everything that we offer you at RegisterCompass and let someone else walk away with the domains that you need.

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