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Over 200,000 domains expire daily and can be registered by anyone

Why good domains expire? The reasons vary, but mostly they expire because:

  • The recipient mail account is full and is no longer checked by anyone
  • The recipient mail account doesn’t exist any more (old employee)
  • The email with the renewal information was filtered by the antispam software and has not been seen
  • The business may have folded or have been taken offline
  • The credit card information at the registrar has expired
  • The agency who was in charge is no longer in business
  • The domain isn’t set to renew automatically at the registrar
  • The owner or employee simply forgot to renew the domain

Most of these domains – to be fair – are crap and not worth a penny.

But there are plenty of domains which are well linked and established websites, such as authority domains which expire by accident (for example, the reasons above).

RegisterCompass imports and analyses each expiring domain to provide you with a huge and superfast database. We also include the latest auction domains from Godaddy, Namejet, Snapnames and some minor auction platforms.

Use our flexible and customizable filter system and find domain gems you are looking for in just seconds.

Expiring Domains – Current Database Statistics

Expring Domains

with backlinks

with Majestic TF 10+

with Traffic

Indexed in Google

with Alexa Rank

with Moz DA 15+

with SemRush Rank

Expiring Domain Examples – Available for Members

Expiring Domains Majestic
dondevasnicolas.com 21 10 3.268 13 1 14y 1 days
karatetraditional.com 21 12 86.409 12 1 12y 1 days
bullrunguestranch.com 21 20 2.965 9 1 20y 1 days
starhaberdergisi.com 25 16 1.765 17 2 13y 1 days
technivisual.com 21 11 1.292 17 2 17y 1 days

The Difference between:

Expiring Domains

These are domains which have passed the renewal date on the registrar.

These so called expiring domains are still registered but are no longer online. The domain is handled by the registrar instead of the owner. They can be renewed for an extra fee within a limited time period. The longer the owner waits, the more expensive it might be to renew the domain. This phase usually takes 1 – 45 days.

If a domain is not renewed within those 45 days, it starts the Redemption Grace Period and the domain is held for another 30 days in registry.

Finally, the domain has its WHOIS status set to “pending delete” and it expires within 5 days.

Expired Domains / Dropped Domains

Expired domains and dropped domains are exactly the same.

A previously registered domain has expired in the past and is now free for anyone to register. There are no extra costs, just the registration fee like on any other domain name.

Deleted Domains

Usually, when people talk about deleted domains, they mean expired domains.

But let’s be accurate:  These domains are forced to be manually deleted by the owner (some services like Godaddy allows a user to delete a domain before it expires).

Also, a couple of years ago – it was possible to pretest domains for a short period of time and refund them. But this has been changed and is no longer common because of fees which are charged regardless of the refund.


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