Increase your Link Popularity Faster and Cheaper than you Ever Dreamed

Link popularity is the most important factor when it comes to your website’s ranking for specific keywords.

A search engine will rank your website based on the amount of incoming links to your site, as well as the value and relevance of those links.

High quality inbound links are the quickest way to improve your site’s ranking, so one of your top priorities should be to gain as many high qualities targeted links from relevant sites as possible.

Build up the Links on your Website

Participate in Full/Semi automated link exchange programs – With this option you must place a code, typically a PHP code, on your website that is given to you by the link exchange program. Links are then placed on your site from their system. They are typically placed on a specific page, such as a link or partner page.

Keep in mind that these programs can easily be foot-printed and detected by search engines and are often labelled as link farms.

Buy links through SEO Companies – You can also purchase your links from an SEO company. But be warned – these are typically very, very expensive because they are considered high value links which are relevant to your site and are placed on trusted authority domains.

Exchange links yourself – You can exchange the links yourself, although this option takes A LOT of time.

It takes hours to days to collect enough information from other webmasters, contact them and request a link placement.

Many of these sites will also expect a reciprocal link, which makes them much less valuable. Many webmasters lose interest in this type of link building long before the job is completed.

Buy links yourself – You can also buy the links yourself, although this also takes a lot of time and can also be very expensive, since most will expect you to pay on a monthly basis for link placement.

“Free” links created in forums, blogs, communities … They are often tagged as no follow. They can increase traffic to your website, but often don’t really boost your SERPs.

You have to write quality content to get the visitors’ attention.

Buy Cheaper domains faster which have already a great link popularity – This by far the absolute best solution you could have ever dreamed of that you can use to gain links!

  • No monthly link rental costs
  • No Waiting Times
  • No Foot-Print Danger
  • You control all the links – which can boost a couple of pages/keywords from one domain.

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