R.I.P – Google PageRank (PR)

Is Google PageRank Outdated?

Yes. As many of you will already know, back in 2016 Google officially discontinued the famous PageRank Score and took it offline for the public.

It was the #1 value taken into account when evaluating a domain in terms of its worth and the strength of its backlinks.

More on this topic here: https://www.seroundtable.com/google-fully-turns-off-toolbar-pagerank-feed-21946.html

They still use PageRank internally at Google in their algorithms.

Has SEO got Harder without PageRank?

In my opinion, not really. For many professional SEOs Google PageRank had lost its importance a few years before it was canned. Not just because Google PageRank was only updated every few months, but because it had also become less accurate and easy to manipulate over the years.

What are Some Alternative Values Similar to Google PageRank?

The big market players are majesticseo, moz, semrush and ahrefs.
Each of them has their own metrics with different numbers – but they all give you more or less the same data.

Indeed, we believe these independent metrics are often more accurate than PR ever was.

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