R.I.P – Google PageRank … What Next?

As many of you will already know, in March 2016 Google officially killed off PageRank scores for browsers and website tools.

Then, on the 18th April 2016, Google finally cut off all connections to PageRank and data will no longer be available.

More on this topic here: https://www.seroundtable.com/google-fully-turns-off-toolbar-pagerank-feed-21946.html

Big Loss?

In my opinion, not really. For many SEOs PageRank has been unimportant for a long time, even more so in the last few years.

In addition to that, updates were becoming increasingly scarce and the data less and less accurate.


Of course. Many back link analysis and checking tools have developed their own metrics and these are similar to Google’s PageRank.

Indeed, I believe these independent metrics are sometimes even more accurate than PR ever was.

We recommend the following as a replacement:

MajesticSeo Trust Flow – https://majestic.com/
SeoMoz Domain Authority – https://moz.com/link-explorer
Ahrefs Domain Rating – https://ahrefs.com/

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