Customize your Results Layout

Individuality is Key

In order to fully appreciate any tool or resource, you must be able to customize it to your own individual needs. Everyone is different and everyone’s needs are unique.

At RegisterCompass we understand that each individual webmaster is unique. We understand the need for customization on many levels.

This is why we allow you the ability to work with your own customized layout templates.

You will not find this type of individual service anywhere else. We allow you to completely customize your results so that you are comfortable with them and can use them easily to locate the domains that you desire.

Why You Need RegisterCompass

RegisterCompass provides you with up to 50 different values for each domain name in our huge database. This can often be very complicated and difficult to view on your computer screen, particularly if you are trying to see all the information at one time.

To prevent a huge data dump, we allow you to define individual layouts and hide those unnecessary columns. This gives you the ability to see only the data that you are seriously interested in, and not be bothered with data that you do not want or need to see.


You can switch between different layouts without redoing the whole search query.

Personal Template Editor Options

For example: you may want to hide all indexed page columns when searching, or you may want to only see those domains that are listed in directories.

Whatever you want or need to see to determine which domains would be more beneficial to you – we allow you to customize your search results layout so that the information you want to see is what you will see.

You may also want to combine columns, such as Indexed Pages and Directory Listings. We give you the option of combining all or just part of the available columns to completely customize the information that you are receiving for each domain. This allows you to get the maximum results that you need to find those domains that are highly valuable.

You can apply your personal templates to ANY domain search or saved domain search.

So – What are you waiting for?

Start you search of those premium domains with RegisterCompass
Without limitations, you can combine any column together to get maximum results:

apply your personal templates to any domain search or saved domain search

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