Important Miscellaneous Information

Alexa Rank

Alexa data is based on Google and the Alexa Toolbar. This is an excellent indicator of how much traffic each domain is receiving. You should note that internet related domains typically have a much higher Alexa Ranking simply because visitors often have the Alexa Toolbar installed.

All websites constantly strive to improve their Alexa ranking. While scoring a high PageRank with Google is important, Alexa ranking is also an important part of your SEO plan. With the Alexa ranking system, you are striving for a smaller number. Typically, if your site is in the top 100,000 that means that you are enjoying a quite heavy traffic flow to your site.

Alexa Rank
Alexa’s ranking system is very simple. Alexa audits and makes public the frequency of visitors to your site. The algorithm that is used for calculation is based on the amount of traffic that is recorded over a period of three months from visitors who have the Alexa Toolbar installed.

We give you valuable information such as which country the majority of a specific domain’s traffic is coming from for domains with a low Alexa Rank. Keep in mind that with Alexa – the lower the rank the better.

SEOmoz Domain-Authority

This value is based on the SEOmoz Open Site Explorer, which is one of the most popular backlink analysis tools.

Domain Authority represents how well a domain will perform in search engine rankings and how strong the link profile is.

The higher the Domain Authority for a domain, the more value might be in its backlinks.

Domain Authority 0/100 means that the backlinks are really weak. If you own a domain with 100/100 Domain Authority points, you can quit your job 😉 for example has 100 domain authority points.

Waybackmachine – Internet Archive

Waybackmachine or, is the internet’s historical archive. Most of the websites in this archive are stored on a periodical basis. The more important a website was considered when it was attracting visitors, the more store points that are available for that website. Of course older domains are typically worth much more than newer ones and the Waybackmachine listings can indicate a great value potential for the miscellaneous domains that are listed there.

Wayback Machine

Domain Age

Again, domains that are older and have been registered for a longer time are typically ranked much higher in search engines and are considered to be worth much more than newer domains.

These older domains are well established and could potentially be your diamond in the rough.

Search engines will favour advertising older domains because they are established and have a longer history. They perceive them to be a much more credible source of information.

This fact has been proven to give faster indexing, more traffic and much better results overall. Domains that have pages listed in indexes for more than 2 years are virtually diamonds and can be found easily and quickly with RegisterCompass.

These domains are practically guaranteed to give you an abundance of traffic! And not only do you get phenomenal traffic, but you get the trust that the domain has carried for years, as well as the value of all the inbound links that are already pointing to that established domain.

Google Search with TLD

Again, you can search for results on how often a domain is to show up in Google as well. If there are is a high volume of results for a specific domain name with the TLD, then that domain is typically worth more in regards to popularity, PageRank and potential revenue.

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