How to Find Backlinks for Domains

If you have spent any time on the internet, then you have probably heard the term “Backlinks” used more than once. Backlinks are any links that are directed to your website. If you have links on someone else’s site that directs visitors to your site, then you have a backlink.

These are also known as inbound links or IBLs. The number of backlinks that you have is a strong indication of popularity or the importance of your website according to the standards of search engines.

Backlinks are very important for search engine optimization because many search engines such as Google give more credit to those sites that have many high quality backlinks. They consider the sites with the larger numbers of backlinks to be more relevant than others in their results pages for search queries on specific keywords.

Simply getting links is not what you should be after. The key is to find quality inbound links to your site. If you have inbound links to your site that come from other sites which have content that is also related to your site, then those links are considered to be more relevant to your site and will give you much better results in the search engines.

Please Note: As you may well be aware, Google is the most important search engine with regards to backlinks. However, they show only a small handful of the total links that a certain domain may have. You should ALWAYS check with multiple sources to get a better idea of how many backlinks a specific domain has when you are estimating the value of that domain.

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