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What is a Domain Backorder?

Domain backordering refers to a service that most domain registrars offer which will allow you to register a domain name that will soon be expiring in hopes of capturing the rights to that domain name before someone else grabs it.

There is typically a period of unpredictable time, normally around three hours, in which the domain is deleted from the registrar’s database when it then becomes available for someone else to register. The domain is actually not yet available when you place it on back order. Although the current owner can not renew the domain at this point, if you are planning to buy it you have to wait until it drops.

The great thing about back ordering domains is that you can backorder any domain name that you want regardless of whether it is a brand new name or one that was registered years ago. The thing to keep in mind when planning to use the backordering option however is to only backorder domains which you know will be expiring within the next few days.

You should also keep in mind that not all expired domain names can be backordered. The owner may soon renew them before they are permanently deleted by the registrar or they may possibly be on HOLD status pending the outcome or settlement of a trademark or other dispute. In cases like this the registrar will hold the domain. This is why you need to fully understand the process of backordering and which services will help you to determine the best domain names to place a backorder on.

Recommended Backorder Services

There are currently three major companies which specialize in domain backordering.

We highly recommend that you place the backorder for your desired domain name on ALL THREE of these sites if you really want to help your chances of receiving that soon to expire domain.

The three services that we currently recommend are:

There is a very good chance that one of these three companies will get the domain name that you want.

All three of these services operate in a very similar manner. They all use a network of registrars to hit the Verisign servers at very frequent intervals and grab as many requested domains as possible. They do however know how to grab these names and how to operate without getting banned for hitting the Verisign server too frequently.

Of course most domain registrars will offer you a backordering service but these are the only three that we recommend for good reason. Most other registrars will simply waste your time and money because they are not nearly fast enough with their process to get the domain for you that you want.

Just a Note: It is highly recommended that you do NOT use Godaddy to backorder your domains!!


Very simple: All domains that are successfully backordered through Godaddy will ultimately end up in a PUBLIC Auction through their TDNAM Service. This service allows anyone to bid auction style on the domains. Since this is a public auction the possibility of more competition is highly likely will could drive the price very high. You may have to pay much more for the domain than you are willing to pay. Someone will win the domain in public auction which simply leaves you right back where you started – hoping for that domain to become free game again.

The “Backorder Domain” Process

So now that you know what you should NOT do, you should learn what you SHOULD do:

This is a very simple process. If you have ever registered a domain name then you already know the process that it takes to backorder a domain.

The first thing that you need to determine is which domains will be expiring within the next few days. You need to get as much detailed information as possible about which expiring domains you can and should choose to backorder.

The next thing that you need to do is to place your backorder BEFORE that domain actually expires. The domain registrar will then attempt to grab that domain for you at the exact moment that it drops.

Once the domain is successfully caught there are two things that could possibly happen:

Private Domain Name Auction
If 2 or more users have backordered the same domain name before it dropped then the domain name will go into a private auction for 3 days. Only those who have previously placed a backorder on the domain will be allowed to participate in the auction. The backorder must be placed with the registrar who successfully backorders the domain. For example if Namejet is successful in backordering the domain that you want then only they will begin a private auction for previous bidders. The only way to be allowed to bid on the domain is the backorder that domain on Namejet in this example.

Instant Win
If you were the only person to backorder a specific domain name then you will instantly be awarded access to that name. You get to skip the private auction and register your new domain.

See for yourself how easy this process is: 

Pool - Backorder
Namejet Backorder
Snapnames - Backorder

How Much does it Cost to Backorder Domains?

The first thing that you need to understand is that backordering domains on Namejet, Pool and Snapnames are completely FREE!

You ONLY PAY if the registrar is successful in securing the domain name for you.

That being said, the standard fees are: = $60 = $59 = $ 69

If by chance the domain names you want end up in a private auction then you must secure the name by winning the auction. This is done by being the person who places the highest bid. Once you have paid the highest bid price, then you must pay the acquisition fee.

You should also keep in mind that the prices above also reflect inclusion of the one-year registration fee for the domain name that you receive.

Tips for Successful Backordering

Remember that if the domain name you want ends up in a private auction after you backorder it you will only have to deal with bidders in this auction that have also backordered the domain.

If this is the case then you will have two decisions to make:

  • You must determine how much you are willing to pay for this particular domain
  • You must also determine when to place your bid. This can be done immediately or you can wait until time for the auction bidding to end and place your bid right before the auction is over. This is an excellent strategy if a handful of bidders are involved in the auction. You should strive to make your highest bid exactly 6 minutes before the private domain auction closes. This will help to ensure that you receive the domain name that you are bidding on.

Please Note: If and when a bid is placed that will change the auction’s price during the last 5 minutes of the auction then the closing time will automatically be increased an additional 5 minutes from the time that the last bid was placed.

Special Tip: Set a reminder and transfer the domains to your preferred registrar when the first year ends. This gives you a better overall control of your domain portfolio and will help to slow down your costs.

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