Pre-Release Domain Names

The Sneaky Way To get Pre-Release Domains on the Cheap

Pre-Release domain names are domains which are expiring soon. However, the main difference with these domains is that they are not in the pending delete cycle yet.

This means the previous registrar has the exclusive right to renew the domain name(In this case it is Namejet).

Before the domain goes into the pending delete cycle and begins to drop, namejet offers backorders on these domain names.

If nobody places a backorder on namejet for this pre-release domain, the domain will continue on their pending delete cycle.

If one or more people places a backorder on a pre-release domain, it ends in a private auction where only previous bidders are invited.

This is your chance at a real bargain!

Most people are looking for valuable expiring domains and don’t know that some really great domains are now gone through pre-releases with low competition. Now you know, YOU are now way ahead of the competition and can get all pre-release domains analysed and readily available.

There’s more!

The best thing is, these domains are even expired in the eyes of a search engine.

You can’t be wrong!

Our domain database allows you to search for domains any way you want.
Combine filter options and get only those pre-release domains which have:

  • SeoMoz Domain Authority higher than 20 and more than 1000 MajesticSeo Backlinks
  • Alexa Rank below 2,000,000 and COM and DMOZ listed
  • DMOZ listed and more than 10 years old
  • and a lot more …
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