More Pages Indexed = More Visitors = More Revenue

As a webmaster, your goal should be to get around 90% of all of your pages indexed in Google and other Search Engines.

Unless the domain is indexed, you will basically have to build the ranking from scratch. Certain domains that are up for grabs already have indexed pages, which will make it much easier for you to use them to earn yourself a nice revenue.

Before a site or page is indexed, search engine spiders must crawl it or locate it. There are many ways in which this can be done. The important thing to note is that indexed pages return much more traffic than those that are not indexed. More traffic will mean more revenue for you. This is why it is highly important to have the ability to check domains for indexed pages to determine which ones are the jewel in the rough and which ones are simply laying there and requiring a lot of work on your part before they receive a high PageRank.

One important thing to remember is:

The more indexed pages you have, the more of your indexed internal links will be evident, which will boost your website simply by using its own link popularity.

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The methods that search engines use to index pages include many aspects. One of these is the use of Meta tags on the header of the page or documents. Meta Titles have been used to index pages and drive search engine traffic to particular websites for quite a while now, and are still a very popular method of gaining an indexed page. If a page contains a good amount of relevant, high Value Meta tags, then the chances are good that the domain is indexed and thus worth more than those which are not. Your Meta title is very important. Combined with the Meta description and the content that is located on your site, this can prove to be a very powerful magnet to draw search engines to your site.

It is up to you to establish your site’s link popularity and ensure the number of sites that are indexed and ranked for specific given keywords. Remember that the more links your site has, the faster and higher your PageRank results will be!

How to get indexed quickly

Max. 100 links per page – Google and other search engines have problems following all the different links on a page if they find more than 100 links on a single page. If you have large pages on your website, it is best to try to split those pages into multiple smaller pages.

Use Sitemaps – You should always link from your homepage to your sitemap to ensure that they are all crawled much faster.

Stay away from Session I’d’s – This is a common problem with online shops and CMS. These sites generate pages with session I’d’s per default, which can not be properly read by Search Engines. An easy way to identify any links like this would be to look for a string similar to “?ID=7823462532”. These IDs are unique URLs that will change with each new visitor who comes to your site.

Stay away from Variables in the URL – This is another problem similar to a session ID. These URLs are dynamic, and Search Engines have difficulties trying to read them. They also often give up no PageRank or Links to other internal pages.

Stay away from Frames – Frames are very difficult for Search Engines to read. This is an older technique than Web2.0, but there are still many people using them from time to time. The problem comes from the content only changing in a frame while the URL stays the same.

We can help you find those domains that have indexed pages, thus giving you a better chance at unique traffic and a greater income potential. We gather information on indexed pages that are listed in the five major Search Engines:

  • Indexed Pages in
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Remember – The more pages that a domain has indexed in the major search engines, the better that domain’s chance for ranking higher for a specific keyword!!

Also Remember: Only indexed pages are able to rank for any term!

Special Tip

It is also vitally important if you purchase a domain name to redirect all traffic to the root domain. This will help you to not lose the valuable traffic that your site already has! If you do not redirect, most of your targeted visitors will get a common 404 error page and simply leave your site without seeing what you have to offer. The redirect can be done by using a simple .htaccess file.

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