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Most auction portals do not provide you with any SEO value related information for their auctions. They simply give you the name, URL, price and the category or keyword.

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At Registercompass we provide you with auction related information and filter options on a number of topics including:

  • Auction Registrar
  • Auction Type
  • Bid Price
  • Buy Now Price
  • Auction close date & time
  • Last Update

Auction Registrar

An auction registrar has the ability to register domain names for those who are interested in purchasing such names. Registrars are typically required to obtain accreditation from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and are only allowed to register certain domain names.
We currently provide search function for both and

Auction Types:

We currently have the capability of filtering Public Auctions, Buy It Now Auctions and Reverse Auctions. It may be helpful to understand a bit more of each of these auction types:

Public Auctions
A public auction is the most common type of domain auction. Sellers set bidding prices for their domains, and everyone has the ability to bid on the domains of their choice. Typically, the seller will set a minimum bid and buyers must bid higher than their competition in order to win the domain. Sellers are permitted to set a reserve price which is the lowest price that they will accept for a particular domain, and if that price is not being reached then the seller is under no obligation to sell the domain. The buyer with the highest bid for a domain when the auction ends, typically 7 days, is the winner.

Buy It Now Auctions
Buy it now auctions are used when a domain owner chooses to sell the domain for a specific price. They may also take bids on the domain, but buyers have the option to choose the “buy it now” feature and purchase the domain instantly.

Reverse auctions are also referred to as Dutch auctions. They are used when the domain is listed at the exact price that the seller wants to receive. The longer the domain sits unsold, the lower the prices will drop. Prices continue to drop on unsold domains until a buyer chooses to purchase them.

Bid Price

Typical auctions begin with the absolute lowest amount that a seller will accept for a domain. Bid price simply means the increments in which the price goes up. Once the auction ends, the buyer with the highest bid price wins the purchase of that domain.

Buy It Now Price

Buy It Now price is commonly used in all auction types. This is simply the price that the seller will allow buyers to purchase a domain. The domain may actually be placed in a public auction and given a buy it now prices as well as a minimum bid. If a buyer finds a domain that they want, they can pay to buy it now price and instantly purchase that domain without fears of another buyer placing a higher bid.

Auction close date & time

This is the date and time that an auction will close. At this point, the highest bidder wins the purchase of the domain. We filter all auction ends dates so if you want to see domains that have a close end date and time, we can help you to locate them quickly and easily.

Last Update

We offer a Last Update service to keep you informed when a particular domain was last updated. You can get auction information as well as statistical information for specific domains.

You can purchase these domains for yourself or re-sell them quickly to see an amazing return on investment potential!

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