Features: Your ALL-IN-ONE Domain Search Software


Customize Search Filters

  • Filter one or more given domain values
  • Combine all filter options in our search software
  • Access your recent searches
  • Define if the filters have to match ALL or ANY values

Scheduled Email Reports & Alerts

  • New domains added in the last 24h and matching your filters
  • Periodical domain lists of all the domains matching your filters
  • Price update notifications on auction domains
  • Disable mail notifications if no domains match your filter

Editable Layouts & Sort Templates

  • Custom layouts to show/hide columns
  • Switch quickly and easily between your layouts
  • Assign layouts to your saved searches
  • Assign layouts to your mail notifications
  • Custom sort templates
  • Switch quickly and easily between your sort templates
  • Assign sort templates to your saved searches
  • Assign sort templates to your mail notifications

Domain Toolbox

  • Mark viewed domains
  • Add personal notes to a domain
  • Update all values of a domain
  • Whois information
  • MyLink integration to 3rd party services
  • Single / bulk availability check on expired domains
  • Easy domain monitoring
  • All-in-one detailed PageRank data centre information

Domain Exports

  • Export domain lists and values into CSV, XLS, TXT and more
  • Download or send export lists by mail

Personal Domain Management

  • Custom filter management
  • Save your searches for further access
  • Quick access to saved filters
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