Frequently Asked Questions

What is RegisterCompass?

RegisterCompass is an advanced online domain search service. You are able to search in expiring, expired & auction domains and filter on your lists on values like Google PageRank, AlexaRank, DMOZ Entry, Indexed Pages, Traffic, and many more

How does RegisterCompass Work?

Members are able search online in our databse for valuable domain names We analayze all domains on different SEO related data to provide you the easiest and quickest way to pick up great domains others overlook

Are there Limits in Searching Domains?

No – Combine any filter setting you like without limitations.

Search as many times you want.

How much does RegisterCompass Cost?

To be honest – Not a lot. Please take a look at our membership plans.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee Available?

Yes! – If your not satisfied for any reason you can get your first monthly subscription payment back – completely!

Please note: We only issue refunds provided you do not more than 25 searches and no recurring payment has been processed.

I have more Questions. Who can I ask?

What is an Expiring Domain Name?

An expiring domain name is currently registered and NOT renewed by the previous owner.
The domain past the redemption grace period and the whois status is set to “pending delete“.
The domain becomes available (expire) within the next 5days and it is no longer possible to stop this process. The domain will expire.

Exact time when a domain expires

The time when a domain expires depends on the TLD (Top Level Domain):

.com & .net = 1:00-2:15 PM Central Standard Time
.org = 8:30-9:30 AM Central Standard Time
.info = 3:30-4:00 AM Central Standard Time
.biz = 1:30-2:00 AM Central Standard Time
.us = 12:00-12:30 AM Central Standard Time

Please be sure that you place a backorder to get this domain before the domain expires.

Can I Register a Expiring Domain Exactly on the Expiration Date Shown in Whois?

No – And this is a very common misconception.
Once a domain reaches the expiration date without being renewed by the owner it will change to status “expire”.
In the next 1-45 days the owner is able to renew the domain on the registrar – usually for a expensive extra fee.

How can I switch to quarterly / annual payments to save money?

Please contact us if you want to switch your payment plan

How to use RegisterCompass

How to save searches and access them

Saving filter options save you a lot of thime. Each filter combination can be saved so you don’t have to start from scratch when you searching for the same filter the next time.

You have 2 options how to save your filter settings:

1. At the search page:
After you performed a search just click on the “save search” button

Results Amount

2. Save them at the domain result page:
Wherever you are in the domain results page – just right click on a domain

Save Search Context

You can also add those saved searches into the shortcut area in the top navigation:


This can be done when you save your search or afterwards when you edited one of our saved searches.


How to I add saved searches into the shortcuts menu

You are able to add all saved searches to the blue shortcuts menu to access them quicker.

Navigate to your saved searches and edit the saves search you want to add to the menu.

Saved Searches

Select on which area you want apply this sortcut and save it.


How do I setup scheduled email notifications

FAQ – How do I setup scheduled email notifications
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Email notifications are perfect if you don’t want to search yourself every day – Get the domain results directly in your inbox without performing a search online.

There are 2 typs of email notifications available:

  • Scheduled Domain Lists: Those lists contain all domains in our database matching your filter criteria.
  • Daily Domain Alerts:Those alerts are domins matching your filter added into our database within the last 24h.

Setting up those notifications is really easy – first navigate to your saved searches:

Saved Searches

Edit the saved search which you want to setup for email notifications.

Email Notification

Enable either “Scheduled Domain Lists” or “Daily Domain Alerts”
Select the options and you’re done.

Export shows only 1000 results

sorry this is not possible to download more than 1000 results per export.

We have this limit to protect ourself from beeing copied.

Otherwise you could download the whole database in one file 😉

Please drill down the results by adding or changing some of the filter settings.