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Expiring Domain Names
Finally Have All Data You Need to Grab Expiring Domains With Confidence
& Avoid Money Sucking, Worthless Domains

Frustrated Because All the Good Domain Names Are Already Taken?

Not so fast!

Not only do good domains become available every day, but also lots of the hard work done has already been done on them - such as getting directory listings, getting back links and even Pagerank. You just have to know what to look for.

Register Compass makes this easy by continuously scanning through the thousands of domains about to expire and reporting to you only those that fit your criteria.

It's like having an insider watching out for your interests.

Acquiring expiring domains gives you a huge head start over starting out fresh with new ones - if you know what you're doing. It's as though the previous owner keeled over on the home stretch of a marathon; all you have to do is jump in and pick up where they left off to win the race.

These opportunities appear every day - you just have to be ready.

Did You Know...

There are currently more than 100,000,000 domain names registered on the internet.

The .COM names make up approximately 70% of that number.

.NET domain names account for a mere 10% and the rest of the number is accredited to .ORG domains.

There are also between 30,000 to 50,000 registered domain names which expire each day

  • Renewal emails the owner never sees in the the junk mail folder

  • Incorrect credit card information

  • The renewal notice gets sent to an old email account

  • The business may have folded or have been taken offline

  • The domain may receive a penalty - perhaps the result of having 0 pages indexed in the search engine listings

  • The domain may receive a penalty - this could be the result of having 0 pages indexed in the search engine listings

How Can You Take Advantage of Other People's Hard Work to Make Money?

Believe it or not, sometimes people give up on a domain they've put a lot of hard work into.

This may be bad news for the previous domain name owner but good news for you. Their loss is your gain.

The free downloadable domain lists you may have come across simply list the domain name and the date it will expire. They do not give you valuable information concerning why the domain is expiring and what the original purpose of the domain was.

Register Compass is designed to help you separate domain name trash from domain name treasure quickly and easily. Register Compass puts all this data in one place and only shows you the domains that fit your criteria. Since this information is available, you could gather it yourself. ... and if you're a retired beachcomber doing this as a hobby, you can spend hours each day gathering this data and sorting it yourself.

However, if you want to do this to make money, you need tools like Register Compass to do the time-consuming, boring work for you. Most people quickly give up the search when their enthusiasm gets ground down by the mind numbing tedium of collecting all the necessary data. Instead, save your excitement for discovering all the juicy domains just waiting for you to explore them.

However, before you can begin to take advantage of this opportunity you need to understand a few things:

  • You must know that all expired domain names are not the same. If you have no idea what to look for then you simply can not take advantage of this lucrative market.

  • You must learn how to find out why a particular domain name expired. You must learn if there was a significant reason that may make that specific domain name dangerous and not worth your time and money. Stay away from bad neighborhoods.

  • You need to ensure that any domain names you are considering purchasing were not used to spam other internet users. Spammy domains are simply worthless and leave you spending your money on a name that will never bring you a lucrative income. Stay away from abused domains.

  • You need to learn how to distinguish good domain names from bad ones. You should always purchase domains that are worth something and can bring you a solid return on your investment. A domain needs to have a steady stream of targeted traffic, or have a good reputation with the search engines, or best of all, both.

Simply put, anyone can download domain list files that are about to expire. In order to use this list to generate a substantial income, you must learn the methods to distinguish which domains are worthless and which ones are priceless.

Danger: Not All Expiring Domain Name Research Tools Are the Same

There are many other tools that allow you to research expiring domain names.

These tools are available (some are free) and would have you believe you can use them to analyze the expiring domain lists and learn which ones are treasures.

BEWARE: the simple truth is that if you were to try automated requests to Google, your IP would ultimately be banned within just minutes of your request.

This is where things get tricky fast. You could use proxies, of course (using proxies is a way to hide the fact that there are a lot of requests coming from one computer - yours.) But Google is smarter than that and has other ways of shutting you down. Even if you could take care of your proxy problem it would take you hours, even days, to find all the expiring domains and analyze each one.

You'd have to do this every day, day after day. Domain names do not all expire at once.
Thousands expire every day.

If you're serious about cashing in on the expiring domain name market you must able to quickly research expiring domains daily.

Register Compass is designed from the ground up to reliably, quickly and easily let you do the research you need to discover those domains that make you money and avoid those that waste your money.

Sign Up Now For Access To:

There are currently 505,450 domain names that are set to expire very soon.

Out of all these domain names:

  • 0 Domains have an active and noticeable Google PageRank

  • 88,062 Domains have incoming links that are noticed by all Search Engines

  • 307 Domains are currently listed in DMOZ or Yahoo Directory

  • 1,295 Domains have an Alexa Rank

  • 450 Are LLL domains

How Register Compass Can Help You

Each domain name is checked for 50 distinct values. Some of the values they're checked against include:

  • Verification of Google PageRank

  • Back Link check in 6 major search engines

  • Directory listings in DMOZ, Yahoo US, AU and Asia

  • Dictionary in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Dutch

  • Indexed pages for the domain in 6 major search engines

  • Current Alexa Rank

  • Domain age - when the domain was first registered. Older domain names tend to be worth much more and are deemed much more important by search engines.

  • and many more ...

You can search domains in our database and even define the custom filter to receive daily email notifications of domains that interest you.

Think about that. You can have your custom results hit your inbox automatically... sort of like having a custom version of the Financial Times hit your driveway every morning.

We are here to help you:

  • Find the most valuable and lucrative premium expiring domains

  • Compare domain values

  • Leverage the hard work that has already gone into many expired domains

  • Boost your Google PageRank

  • Increase your link popularity

  • Get more quality and unique targeted traffic

  • Dramatically reduce your effort when searching for specific domains

  • Beat the domain pros at their own game because you have superior information

Remember, the longer you wait to search these for domain names the less chance you have of getting those diamonds in the rough. Don't wait another second to begin securing the online income you deserve!

Insider Tip: Expring domains are a solid source of domains
with strong back links, high Pagerank (3+), DMOZ / Yahoo directory listings and
type-in traffic - you just need to make sure to grab the domain before someone else does.
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