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Did you know there is a thriving market in domain names?

But buyer beware! Sometimes an amateur will let a domain go for a bargain basement price. On the other hand, a sophisticated huckster is lying in wait for the unwary buyer who doesn’t know how to value a domain.
Don’t let that be you.

RegisterCompass lets you quickly and easily gather all the facts you need in one place so you can sort through to find the diamonds in the rough. Sure, you could gather this same information by hand, but as a professional, you know what your time is worth.

Also, there piles of junk that make it difficult to find anything at all. For every $7,000,000 domain such as, there are millons of domain names that are pure, unadulterated trash! (and those are being added to the pile at all hours of the day)

RegisterCompass was built with you in mind. With it you can find domains that :

  • Have Very High Potential
  • Have Impressive Return On Your Investment
  • Have Been Mistakenly Underpriced
  • Are Underpriced Simply Because The Owner Has No Idea Of Their Value
  • Are Jewels In The Rough That No One Else Notices

Auction Domains – Current Database Statistic

Auction Domains

with backlinks

with Majestic TF 10+

with Traffic

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with Moz DA 15+

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Auction Domain Examples – Available for Members

Auction DomainsMajestic
in Exact
websitedesignandimages.com24171.59319217y3 days
ericulous.com2728258.34746513y2 days
turboexplorer.com333131.32643416y2 days
mrshiz.com222421.7901319y2 days
uasporting.com24212.27418210y2 days

How do domain auctions work?

There are several different types of domain auctions which are currently available to you including:

  • Public Auctions
  • Buy Now Auctions
  • Reverse Auctions

Public Auctions

Public auctions are the most common and popular type of domain auction. You must bid on the domain and retain the highest bid in order to receive that domain. The seller sets a minimum starting bid and this will be the lowest amount you can bid for that specific domain. When the auction is over, the person with the highest bid wins the domain.

Time limits on auctions vary and typically are set by the domain owners. However, keep in mind that the seller is permitted to set a reserve price. This is the lowest price the seller will accept for a particular domain. If the reserve is not met, the seller is under no obligation to sell.

Buy Now Auctions

Buy Now Auctions are used when a seller wants to give buyers the chance to purchase the domain at a set price. The buyer will submit an offer and the seller has the opportunity to either accept that offer or submit a counter-offer. If the seller accepts an offer, or the buyer agrees to the counter-offer, the sale ends and the domain is purchased. Keep in mind that there is never any obligation to accept an offer or counter-offer on the part of the buyer or the seller.

Reverse Auctions

Reverse auctions are used when the domain is listed at a specific price that the seller wants to receive for the domain. The longer the domain sits without being sold, the lower the price goes. Prices begin dropping and keep dropping until a buyer purchases that domain.

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